Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010

It's Spring Break 2010. Whooopp.... NOT. I hate spring break, and I hate summer. Too much free time and too much food laying around. Yeah, yeah, I'm a selfish American brat for saying it. The orphans in Africa would be offended... I know. But this is my blog, and when I'm writing on here, nobody else is going to matter. I just decided that.
I have to pay for gas money to see my best friend. She lives in another city so we only see each other every few months now that I was hauled away from my life over there. We move too much, and I don't have my liscence. I've already had to pay for groceries a couple times. I think my mom still owes me about eighty bucks. Kids shouldn't have to worry about money before they can even drive... I always worry about it. The rent, food, gas... I'm tired of thinking... I don't want to be a fifteen-year-old adult while my friends get rides to the mall and go to parties... while I stay home and make my little brother dinner and study, which is the only way any college is going to let me in. I have to get my grades just about perfect...Yes, as a matter of fact, I am complaining. I will never complain out loud, but this is my blog, and therefore, I will complain to my blog. It will never talk back, it will just listen to me like I listen to everybody else. I do have one friend who listens...but we won't get into that.

Anyway... I hope I don't gain any weight. After I got off my meds, my weight dropdropdropped like crazy but not enough. I used to be tiny. I liked it that way. I was 106 pounds once upon a time. I'm 119 now. One-hundred nineteen. Ew. I'm five feet, three inches.

"How I wish everything was simple / how I wish everything didn't end in lies / how I wish I could just keep turning back time / How I wish I could be more like me when I didn't have to worry about myself / how I wish I could just keep turning back time" --Olivia Broadfield (Don't Cry lyrics)
Yes. Once upon a time, before Miss Chaos was...chaotic, she was a beautiful, happy young lady. She was going to make it out alive. She had potential and wit and even a little money. But we all know that story. She lost it all. Actually, she lost it all, and then she got lost...